Prince Harry takes part in ‘500 Elephants’ Conservation Initiative in Malawi


Prince Harry spent almost three weeks on the ground in Malawi with African Parks, a conservation NGO that manages protected areas and national parks on behalf of governments, where he served as part of the expert team and helped implement the first phase of ‘500 elephants’.

Moving the ElephantsThis initiative is one of the largest and most significant elephant translocations in conservation history. 500 elephants are being moved over 350 kilometres across Malawi from Liwonde National Mark and Majete Wildlife Reserve to Nkhotakota Wildlife Reserve. All three parks are managed by African Parks in partnership with the Malawi Department of Nation
al Parks and Wildlife (DNPW).

The ‘500 Elephants’ initiative, led by African Parks, will play a critical rote in helping to secure a long-term future for Malawi’s elephants. Prince Harry assisted with the first phase of the translocation during which 261 elephants were successfully re-homed in Nkhotakota. The remaining 239 elephants will be moved during the second phase which will occur in the summer of 2017.


500 Elephants has two objectives: to relieve human-wildlife conflict and pressure on natural habitats from the high density of elephants in Liwonde and Majete, and to restore Nkhotakota making it a premiere elephant sanctuary for Malawi. As recently as 20 years ago, Nkhotakota supported more than 1,500 elephants but due to rampant poaching had as few as 100 elephants before the start of the translocation this year.

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African Parks – 500

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