There’s so many reasons to visit Brazil; beautiful beaches, natural wonders such as Iguaçu Falls, fascinating wildlife at Pantanal, adventures in the Amazon Rainforest, the cultural delights of Salvador and of course the carnival capital of the world, vibrant Rio de Janeiro.

The official language is Portuguese but English is spoken in the tourist areas and the people are warm and welcoming. There are direct flights from the UK and a good internal flight network.

You can travel to Brazil all year round. The far south and southeast of the country does have a cooler period between June and September but the rest of the country has a warm tropical climate. The rainy season affects the northeast from about April to July, and Rio and the south from October to January, but in general the weather is excellent.

Brazil is a great destination for families, couples and singles alike and being such a large and diverse country offers a wide range of different experiences.

Climb Sugar Loaf Mountain, cycle the beaches of Rio, watch a football match at the iconic Maracanã football stadium, explore the Pantanal by kayak and so much more…

What will you choose?

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